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H EXCEL 8051

8051 is quickly becoming one of the most popular bulls in the country. His progeny have exceeded expectations at every level in the show ring. His first daughters are coming into production and exhibit

excellent udder quality and mothering ability.


H H Perfect Timing 0150 ET

Perfect Timing was selected for use because of his outstanding birth to growth spread.  A breed recognized calving ease specialist, his calves hit the ground small but come on fast.  Stamps them with rib, rear shape, and beautiful front ends.


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A product of our breeding program and also the future of it!  This great herdsire prospect was named the champion bull calf at 2013 NE State Fair and he hasn't slowed down since.  A bull that has as much power and stoutness as you wil find, blends into a very eye appealing package.  With acceptable EPD's and his outstanding phenotype, he will be a cornerstone in our program for years to come.

Owned with Brian Samuelson


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One of the best About Time 743 sons to date.  We decided to use 0245 because of his excellent EPD profile and also his dominating phenotypic style.  Outcross genetics for us that will power us his calves with syle and added dimension.



   534 was our selection of the 2016 Churchill sale.  Out of the famous Full Throttle and 002X! Some call his dam, 002X, the most potent and proven cow in the entire Hereford breed! She is also the mother of AI sires Churchill Stud, Churchill Red Bull, and Churchill Manhattan! We expect great things form this new herd sire on our ranch!


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